Join us on an amazing


Do you find it hard to make time for your own joy and wellbeing? Do you often feel overwhelmed, tired, stressed or agitated? Are you good at taking care of everyone else except yourself? Maybe it is time to develop a healthy relationship towards yourself, boost your joy, motivation and creativity levels?

the benefits of self-care are many and with inspiration and simple tools it's possible to create meaningful changes with little effort.This might be one of the most important days in your life.

This day is for you!


Join us on this extraordinary self-care day with

lots of inspiration, coaching-seminars and work-tools for you to use on your own self-care journey.

1360:- SEK

Saturday 29th August


Youle Yoga Studio, Stationsvägen 13, Insjön

claim your spot today.

Booking closes Wednesday 26th August at 11:30


  • morningyoga to start your day

  • ovo-lacto vegetarian breakfast

  • 6 hours of self-care seminars

  • group coaching by holistic health coach

  • learn about why self-care is so important and what self-care is to you 

  • find out and be aware of what areas you want to focus your own self-care on

  • design a successful and personal action plan that fits your life  

  • organically grown vegetarian lunch (from our own garden)

  • interesting conversations

  • tools to continue your own self-care journey at home

  • coffee/tea/water

  • snacks

  • learn about limiting beliefs and how you can rebuild any area of your life

  • learn what meditation is and try it out for yourself

  • design and set up an easy meditation practice that fits into your weekly schedule

  • afternoon yoga

  • self-care meditation

About us

My name is Eva and I'm from Germany. I've been traveling the world for the last 4 years getting to know different cultures but more importantly , getting to know myself better! The learnings and the growth from these experiences led me to become a Holistic Health Coach and Vinyasa Yoga teacher. I love to inspire and empower people to find more balance, energy and gratitude in their own everyday lives - to stay healthy, happy and whole!

My name is Jessica and I'm a Reiki therapist and a meditation teacher. My joy is to add meaningful values to both others and myself. I have always been very interested in personal development but it wasn't until I started  self care like meditation and changing my beliefs  that I truly noticed significant and long-lasting change. I used to believe that if I took time, to take care of myself I was being selfish and egoistic. That  belief couldn't be further away from the truth. Taking care of myself have made me a better person towards myself but also towards others. 

My name is Mattias and I'm a Hatha yoga instructor and a playing coach on the Swedish skydiving team. Through sports I have always challenged myself to become the best version of myself both mentally and physically. My biggest passion has also been to inspire, coach and share my joy and experiences with others at the same time as I share and enjoy their journey. It is also through this inspiration that I love to explore and enjoy yoga together with others. Except for training I also have a big interest in growing and eating healthy vegetables which have led me to develop my own organic farm, Nords Trädgård.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

claim your spot and join us on this life changing self-care event.

with love and light 

Eva, Jessica, Mattias

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